Minimalistic Original-Two-Figure Constellation No.1


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36" X 47"



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Contemporary original painting by Vytautas Paplauskas. Acrylic on Canvas

The artist’s works are related to a tradition of “hard edge” painting, as hard-edge geometric forms are common to his works while any signs of a brushstroke is completely eliminated. The subject matter of the paintings is very minimal, but the composition is carefully thought-out in order to achieve an impression of a compelling fictional space or an abstract landscape while employing as minimal artistic means as possible. In fact, sometimes references to any kind of material reality is completely absent, therefore main attention is paid to carefully thought-out compositions, which are fragmented, asymmetric and embraces the idea of negative (empty) space as a compelling visual feature. Thus, the artist designs visually stimulating imagery, which could be interpreted by a viewer in his own way. The artist’s sources of inspiration – history of modern art as well as direct experiences of investigating the city and recording its hard-edge urban motives. All of this is utilized in a creative process by employing intuition and associative thinking. Meanwhile, rational mind, which coordinates the process, renders all the form experiments in an integral and balanced whole, which eventually materializes to felt and thought-out geometric compositions, executed with paint on canvas.